Loading user settings

At work, every day – every single day – I’m using the same laptop. It’s in the same room, on the same desk, at the exact same place. I do not move it and the cleaners do not move it either. It is turned off during the night. Noone is using it.

Why, dear windows system developers, why does it have to load the user settings each and every day? OK, I might have logged in from a different machine, from a different network, or from a different world. The domain controller surely would have noticed that, wouldn’t he? There simply is no reason (except developer’s lazyness) for taking four minutes to load user settings that have not changed.

Four minutes might not seem like a lot but this are only the first four minutes of the day that windows steals me. It continues like that. Four minutes here, 2 minutes there. It all sums up to more than one hour a day that gets lost in windows. Thrown out the windows, one might say.

There is a german word for that: ARGL!