One Way Documentation

Macoun is coming back and I am updating the App. Three years without having a deeper look at it means there is a lot to update, using modern APIs. One of the constructs that has been tricky from the beginning is the stacking of view controllers I use at places in the app: It’s an UIViewController in an UIPageViewController in an UINavigationController in an UITabBarController. While this sounds unreasonable at first, it is straight forward: The app has different entry points (the tabs), some of them showing a list of items (talks or speakers in a UITableViewController in said UINavigationController). If you select one of these items, the UIViewController pushed is embedded in an UIPageViewController so you can navigate between items on the same level by swiping left/right.

SwiftUI’s .navigationTitle

I did take a look at SwiftUI several times but always found problems too big to consider it production ready. Not even the example app ran without crashing. So for three or four tries, it went like this: I started a demo project, after one or two hours I ran into a problem that I could not figure out how to solve in SwiftUI on my own. I visited the usual websites and found more often then not that it is something that is missing in SwiftUI.

Goodbye, Universal Apps

Last week, Apple released iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. Both phones have a bigger display than the previous phones. If you take a look at the display sizes that are supported by iOS 8, you now have:

Bold Predictions

Today is the keynote to Apple’s annual world-wide developer conference. As many developers, I’m at the same time looking forward to and scared of what might come. The huge design changes in iOS last year are widely considered to be continued within Mac OS. New hardware might be announced, not showing the iPhone 6 would be a big surprise.

Hardstatus in screen (& other terminals)

The incredibly useful tool screen has an option “hardstatus” that you might want to set to “on” and “lastline”. With these settings, the last line of your terminal gets used as status line for the applications in the screen.


If you are a developer, I highly recommend you follow OpenSSL Valhalla Rampage. The latest entry refers to a file called pqueue.c. I took a look at the file … boy, that hurts. Let’s pick some highlights.

Required readings

From time to time I stumble upon documents that are that good that I want everyone (every developer at least) to read them. Here are two articles that fall into this category:

Restart your USB subsystem.

Today, I noticed that one of my MacBook’s USB ports no longer worked. It provided power to my external disk but the OS did not notice the device. So, what to do? Reboot? Sure, would have helped but I was in the middle of a lengthy copy operation (from a network share to my internal drive). So I decided to get adventurous.

- (NSArray *)section​Index​Titles​For​Table​View:(UITableView *)tableView

If you, like everyone one day does, want to include the little magnifying glass in the index titles of an UITableView, please know that the correct value to include in the array of values is not {search}. The correct value is UITableViewIndexSearch, as documented here.

Do Users Change Their Settings?

Do Users Change Their Settings?