Goodbye, Universal Apps

Last week, Apple released iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. Both phones have a bigger display than the previous phones. If you take a look at the display sizes that are supported by iOS 8, you now have:

3.5" – 4" – 4.7" – 5.5" – 7.9" – 9.7"

There is a small gap between 5.5" and 7.9" but this could soon be filled by a 6.4" iPad nano:

Screen size chart: 3.5" – 4" – 4.7" – 5.5" – 6.4" – 7.9" – 9.7"

Now, look at this chart and think about the new size classes introduced at the last WWDC. Apple clearly no longer wants to have iPhone only or iPad only apps. If you look at the chart, it no longer makes sense.

I expect Apple to soon require all apps to be Universal. If we are lucky, we will be allowed to attach some kind of hardware requirements to our apps like “needs M8 or better” that will mark the app incompatible with some devices. I doubt that.