Full Throttle

Most video players on the web have a volume slider. I do understand that you sometimes want to mute the playback. Do you really need to adjust the volume of a video by dragging the slider on a video? There is a system wide volume control. Why not use this?

“Because then all the other sounds are to low, too” one might say. “Do you really listen to more than one sound at a time?” I’ll ask.

“But there are many videos that aren’t loud enough! Isn’t it great that you can turn up the volume on them”, Mr or Mrs One then says. “OK", I say, “what is the reason for the content provider to deliver the video with the volume turned down?”

Dear video player developers: Simplify your interface by removing the volume slider. At least deliver the video with 100% volume by default. If you do not deliver your audio at 100% percent, please, be consistent: Dim down your video to 80% by default, too.

(Note: The last sentence was not meant seriously. DO NOT ACTUALLY DIM THE VIDEO.)