All mail clients I know behave the same on default: Incoming mail is placed in a folder called “Inbox”, outgoing mail is stored in the “Sent” folder. Very intuitive, isn’t it? Not for me.

For me, mail is more like a conversation than a (s)he said/I said. Especially when a mail is sent to several recipients. Why would one remove the own statements from a discussion and keep all other statements together? For a very long time (actually ever since I started using mail), my mail clients are set up to save my sent mail in the Inbox.

At home I simply move away all mails of one month after two month, so the Inbox contains all mails of the current and the previous month. At work, I regularly sort mails in project folders, according to the project they belong to. Here it’s an advantage, too: My answers also belong to the project.

Things I would like to see in a mail client: