If you still need to support iOS 5

If you still need to support iOS 5

Mental Models

We all build mental models around the things we see. If something is complex, the mental model helps us to understand how to use the thing. Computing is complex. We can easily handle our tasks in a complex environment if our mental model matches the actual model that lies behind the task. If the models differ, we are in trouble.


UserData for UIAlertView

Old iOS Simulators

Do you use Xcode 4.x? Do you want to develop iOS Apps that support iOS versions older than iOS 4.3? Then you might want to test them in the iOS simulator, too! No problem, that’s easy to get:

Windows 8

I’m a Mac user. I tested the public preview of Windows 8. On a virtual machine. Without any internet connection. To make it short: I’m shocked. For the full story …

Developers are also the only group where they are…

Developers are also the only group where they are asked to do something which has never been done before, and tell someone else how long it will take before they even know what actually needs to be done.


SOPA and PIPA are two two legal concepts in the United States of America that are currently under attack. What they mean is: Everyone that drives the net in the USA, from the internet service provider, the backbone providers to the websites and search engines of companies like Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo, has to filter the content. Just like in China, Iran, and North Korea, information would no longer be free on the internet.


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When I’m surfing the web, the mouse pointer is my point of focus. I know most people don’t do that but I move the mouse pointer near the place that I’m looking at. When I’m reading I often select the paragraph I’m reading. This makes it easier to get back when I got distracted. On image galleries, my mouse pointer moves over the images while my eyes glance at the images.


Yesterday, Apple announced that they will require every App submitted to the App Store for Mac to contain entitlements, starting March 2012. This means that the developer of the App has to include a (cryptographically secured) file in the application bundle that lists the resource types it is about to use. Things like: