When I’m surfing the web, the mouse pointer is my point of focus. I know most people don’t do that but I move the mouse pointer near the place that I’m looking at. When I’m reading I often select the paragraph I’m reading. This makes it easier to get back when I got distracted. On image galleries, my mouse pointer moves over the images while my eyes glance at the images.


Yesterday, Apple announced that they will require every App submitted to the App Store for Mac to contain entitlements, starting March 2012. This means that the developer of the App has to include a (cryptographically secured) file in the application bundle that lists the resource types it is about to use. Things like:


While I prefer Usenet, from time to time, I read in web based bulletin boards. Most of these boards are software development related. Especially in boards that are relevant to a big (or fast growing) community, as iOS development boards, there are quite a lot of people that are not that experienced. It is normal that they often ask rather simple questions. When I’m searching for the answer to a certain problem, however, these simple questions get into my way. I do not want to see them. I want to filter them.

Keyboard repeat

I’m not kidding: Apple disabled keyboard repeat for all keys but cursors in MacOS X 10.7 (Lion) for most apps (e.g. not in Terminal).

How to enable encryption on a Time Machine backup drive without deleting the existing backups

Please note that I can not guarantee that the things explained in the following post might not work as you intended it to work. You might loose all your (backup) data. Something worse might happen. You probably should not read this post. You have been warned!

Just handle it.

Just handle it.

Mobile ads placement

When you design the mobile version of your website or blog, please make sure that ads are far away from any link a user typically taps. I just accidentally tapped an ad banner when I wanted to tap the “Read more” link. While this might good for you (if you get paid by click count) it is annoying for your readers. Don’t annoy your readers. Especially if it is their first visit!

ran-dom: A Fair(y) Use Tale


Class object as delegate

This article about a lightweight HTTP request class is quite interesting. However, what never came to my mind (but seems completely consistent once you think about it) is in the second part of the article. Take a look at this code. The points of interest are:

Beautify your Code!

As you probably all know, I work as software developer. In my day job, I have to work with both, code I developed earlier and code other developers wrote. I try to always keep an eye on nicely formatted code. Unfortunately not everyone does so. Some code I have to deal with, is plain ugly. While it is syntactically correct, it is, for example, not aligned in any logical way. In my opinion, that’s a very bad thing.