Last year I wrote an article comparing Git, Mercurial, and Bazaar. I came to the conclusion that Bazaar should be the way to go. Now, one year later, I’m about to change my version control system again. Here’s why:


Today, I had to send something by fax. It was a list of entries in a database that might have corrupt data. So, I copied the list into a Word document, added some friendly words, printed the text and … learned how to use the fax machine. I did use the fax before but I could not remember how to use it:

But no matter the class, teacher, or school…

But no matter the class, teacher, or school district, I couldn’t escape the constant refrain of “pay attention”. At first, I didn’t understand what it meant: I was paying attention, not just to what people were saying to me, but also to the world around me.


Last week, a single period drove me nuts.

I used to post my photos to facebook. I learned…

I used to post my photos to facebook. I learned something new today. Now I know how to upload pictures to flickr! It’s soooo cool to be a nerd. Next week I’m going to learn how to rotate images.

Why to use IPv6 today

When I tell people that I’m using IPv6 in my home network, they ask me what it is good for. To be honest, at the moment it is more pain than good. Currently close to all servers are connected using IPv4. I do not expect this to change any time soon. Not even on the midterm. So why do I expect IPv6 to gain importance in the near future?

Do you hate people?” –

Do you hate people?” – “I don’t hate them … I just feel better when they’re not around.


All mail clients I know behave the same on default: Incoming mail is placed in a folder called “Inbox”, outgoing mail is stored in the “Sent” folder. Very intuitive, isn’t it? Not for me.

An idea is probably a good one if it makes things…

An idea is probably a good one if it makes things simpler.

Time passed.

One of the most useful information in a progress dialog is the estimated time until the process completes. If you can’t provide this information, simply remove the field. Do not replace it by “time passed”. This information is useless. Even worse, users might misinterpret it as estimated time.